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Clienat Feedback

These guys really do their job with passion. They not only cleaned all the carpets, but also got rid of all the stains from the rugs and from the car upholstery. It was quick yet the results are just splendid! We can recommend them with a full confidence!


G&S have done a great job. Before the cleaning our carpets in the guest room and our bedroom looked shabby and now they are shiny clean. I'd recommend the GS cleaners to anyone. Thanks for a great service,

Chris & Anna

We had our carpet cleaned by Sylvester today, and are most pleased with the results and pricing. Definitely will recommend to friends and family, and will have him back in the future.

James Cowin


G&S exceeded my expectations when they came to clean the carpets in my flat. The carpets were in a terrible state and I thought about replacing them. They removed stains and make my carpets looks like new one. In my opinion, were exceptional value. Would definitely recommend and use this company again. Thank you!

Piotr Kozlowski

Park Corner

The service I received was exceptional.Sylvester provided professional advice and I was amazed by the results. My carpets look like new. Excellent value for money and wonderful customer service! I will definitely use the company again.

James Wood


Great service personally and professionally. Ideal for letting agents :).

Emily Boyd


I hired G&S to clean a rental accommodation after I moved out and their team of cleaners did an excellent job cleaning. Fortunately they were available right on the next day I called them, the cleaners came on time and they were fully equipped for the job. I surely was expecting to be clean but after they finished the place was spotless. In addition they charged me exactly what I was expecting, although I asked them to help me move some stuff around. Their service is great and I recommend it.

Robert Pierce


Our cleaner is wonderful! 100% reliable and a pleasure to have around the house. She is also well-loved by our cocker spaniel and never complains about the dog hairs!



I have used G&S three times, twice on an emergency basis following an accident with the same cream carpet. He came out promptly and approaches each stain with care and scientific precision. I would liken him to the crack troops of carpet cleaning and am firmly of the belief that if Silvester, with his armoury of solvents / treatments, cannot fetch up a stain - any stain - it simply can't be done. But in my case he did a great job on every occasion.

Vanessa Murphy


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